What Young Corporate Women Need to Ignore to Rise Up with SUDESHNA SEN

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Ladies, you’ve probably heard all the disheartening statistics around women in tech, women in STEM, and women in corporate positions. But have you ever considered how this knowledge might affect your performance, or get in the way of your career advancement? Do you think your experience would be different if you never knew about these statistics?

Sudeshna Sen, economist and senior leader, is joining me on this episode to discuss the data around women in these industries, and how these statistics can impact confidence and lead to limiting beliefs. As an Indian woman living in the UK, Sudeshna has a unique perspective that she employs in her business, The Abundance Psyche, to help coach clients to thrive in their career and get the money they deserve.

In this episode, Sudeshna shares the cultural differences that shaped her career path, how you can find your value and leverage it to get ahead, and why we need to stop viewing money as a bad thing and instead a vehicle for positivity and abundance.

Tune in to learn how YOU can rise up and reach your goals with an abundance mindset!


  • Sudeshna’s experience as an immigrant and woman of color in corporate
  • How she improved her communication skills
  • The impact of misleading statistics on women’s careers
  • Abundance mindset and how to get ahead
  • How Sudeshna supports her clients and teaches them to provide value
  • Why you should change your mindset around money

Find out how you can work with Sudeshna Sen through her business, The Abundance Psyche! https://www.theabundancepsyche.com/work-with-me

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