You Don’t Need a Title to Influence Others and Own The Room with DR BENJAMIN RITTER

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Forget titles — it’s your actions that determine if you’re a true leader. So, what do your actions
say about you? Are you simply chasing titles or taking the steps to establish yourself as a
trusted leader who cares about their people’s success?

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Benjamin Ritter to discuss how to lead confidently and own the
room no matter your position. We explore the core principles of authentic leadership, delving
into how to gain genuine influence and develop executive presence, and common mistakes
professionals are making as they try to climb the corporate ladder.

Ben shares practical strategies for increasing visibility and credibility, leveraging feedback
for growth, and navigating toxic workplace cultures. Tune in to find out what action you can take
TODAY to become a true leader and advance your career!


● What it means to be a leader (no matter your title)
● Navigating toxic cultures with resilience
● The pitfalls of chasing titles over true leadership
● How to strategically leverage feedback
● Defining and communicating your vision
● Overcoming ego and limiting beliefs in your career
● Building credibility and expanding your influence


00:00 Straight talk: Don’t confuse titles with influence.

06:19 Work culture crucial for employee retention and success.

09:45 Hold boundaries, lead confidently, face consequences resiliently.

11:58 Striving for more, feeling stuck, missed opportunities.

15:16 Feedback on executive presence and leadership traits.

21:29 Show, don’t just tell, to get promoted.

27:34 Challenging beliefs, changing perspectives, and coaching impact.

34:24 Assessments and feedback valuable for personal growth.

37:24 Influence, vision, credibility, tips, connect, call.

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