How to Build a Fun and Productive Culture with TAMZIN HALL

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All work and no play does not make for happy employees or a successful organization.

This research-backed truth is the foundation for today’s episode with Tamzin Hall, a psychology-driven leadership coach and mentor. She’s thrown out the old-school playbook to redefine workplace culture, helping leaders incorporate fun into the workplace.

In this episode, Tamzin introduces the principles of business psychology and the impact happiness has on productivity. We explore the benefits of bringing play into the workplace, discussing everything from increasing engagement through fun activities to fostering a culture of creativity and authenticity.

Tamzin has tons of great advice for building a fun and productive culture, including ideas for creative team-building activities and tips to conduct effective one-on-one meetings. She also shares strategies to turn the office into a space where joy and work coexist, boosting both morale and output.

Join us in this enlightening conversation to learn how to transform your organization’s culture using Tamzin Hall’s insights!


  • The impact of happiness on productivity
  • Business psychology and fostering a positive work culture
  • How to build a productive team
  • Strategies to integrate play into the workplace
  • Engaging with teams and individuals remotely

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