Where Have All Of The Women Leaders Gone with JANE LOVAS

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Episode 327 Research shows that women rate higher than men in skills that are essential to business leadership, such as communication. Even so, women generally make less and get promoted less compared to men. This reality led today’s guest to question, where have all the women leaders gone?

Executive coach and speaker, Jane Lovas, is joining me today to examine the lack of women in leadership roles. She says that putting women in senior leadership positions can elevate a company’s profitability, innovation, and employee engagement by 30% or MORE.

In this episode, we address why this issue exists, why diversity is important, and how common female attributes compliment men in the workplace. Jane also shares her definition of bringing love to the workplace, which you can learn more about in her book, Leading With Love.

Tune in to learn how women can take control of their career, and how men can support them!


  • Jane’s interest in the lack of women in leadership
  • Why women struggle in the workplace
  • Have attitudes changed in the younger generation?
  • Benefits of having women in leadership
  • Skills women bring to the table
  • How women can start taking responsibility of their career
  • What authenticity means and why it matters
  • Bringing love into the workplace
  • Lessons from Jane’s e-book, Put Your Big Girl Panties On

Connect with Jane Lovas on her website: https://www.lovasconsulting.com/

Email Jane at jlovas@lovasconsulting.com to get a copy of her ebook, Put Your Big Girl Panties On!

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