How to be an Unapologetic Leader with PATRICIA SUGGS

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Have you dealt with inequity in pay, imposter syndrome, workplace bias, or simply, being overlooked for a promotion?

 Instead, would you prefer to have unapologetic confidence that will take you straight to the top?

 In this episode, leadership and conflict resolution expert, Dr. Patricia K Suggs with ARISE Leadership Consulting, will share strategies and tips for ditching the need to climb the ladder, and instead take a smooth elevator ride to the top by navigating bias, standing up for what you want, dealing with imposter syndrome, and dealing with conflict effectively with great compassion.

As a leadership and conflict resolution expert, she has helpful tips on challenging bias head on, staying true to yourself, and more.

Patricia breaks down the skills that will help you address bias and seek out the right mentors. 

We also discuss the link between imposter syndrome and perfectionism, and how women can live in their confidence being unapologetically themselves. How freeing is that?

If you want to be an unapologetic leader, listen to this episode for the small steps that will get you there!


  • What unapologetic leadership looks like
  • The bias women face in leadership roles
  • Patricia’s advice to challenge bias
  • The benefits of choosing the right mentors
  • Why even capable leaders suffer from imposter syndrome
  • Steps women can take to become an unapologetic leadership

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