15 Tips to My Younger Self and You!

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Tips to my younger self and you… Whether you’re just establishing yourself as a leader or a corporate decision-maker already, unlocking your true potential starts with understanding yourself and learning from your experiences.  In this episode, I share 15 essential tips I wish I could have given to my younger self, covering key topics like self-awareness, effective communication, and resiliency.

We’ll explore the importance of recognizing when to part ways with people whose paths no longer align with yours and the reality of being replaceable in the corporate world—an acknowledgment that can fuel your determination to excel.

Through personal anecdotes, I’ll illustrate the transformative power of hard work, self-belief, and serving others. We’ll delve into the significance of living in the present, understanding that material wealth doesn’t equate to happiness, and how finding contentment in simplicity can bring true freedom. Additionally, we will address the crucial role of self-awareness and positive communication in shaping a fulfilling life.


As we unravel these 15 essential tips, you’ll gain the tools needed to become a dynamic leader in your career and life. Each tip offers practical advice on navigating life’s challenges and achieving personal and professional fulfillment, from being kind to yourself and embracing failure to understanding the value of serving others.


00:00 Weekly powerhouse discussions on work-life fulfillment.

03:16 Self-discovery and empowerment through coaching profile.

06:36 Negative self-talk harms both internally and externally.

11:57 Embrace failure, take risks, don’t seek approval.

15:49 Corporate environment led to loss of connections.

23:02 Overcoming challenges and finding inner strength.

27:06 Imposter syndrome and feeling like outsider resolved.

28:27 Confidence, not material possessions, brings happiness.

31:59 Evaluate your communication, formulate a plan.

Part of our discussion focuses on the importance of WORDS and how we talk to ourselves and others. So, check out this episode, “Assess Your Communication Style to Elevate Your Success!”to learn more –  https://balloffirecoaching.com/assess-your-communication/ , and as a BONUS for those seeking to improve their communication skills, be sure to download our free communication assessment at tiny.cc/communicationassessment.

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