Time Management Tips for Leaders

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When life gets crazy, it’s easy to feel like there’s never enough time to meet your goals and be the powerhouse leader you can be.p

But, why do some people make it look so easy to achieve their goals and get the work done, while many others don’t.

Some reasons could be: (provided by Timeular.com

  • According to American Psychological Association (APA), 20% of adults are chronic procrastinators
  • Zippia’s study shows that 82% don’t use a time management system.
  • Only 20% of people feel like they have their workload under control on a daily basis.

In this episode, I focus on tips, tools, and strategies that will elevate your own productivity and leadership skills, and that of your people. 

Whether your focus is on developing your people as your #1 asset or to improve a specific leadership skill, my tips and strategies are the guidance you need to set priorities, make intentional decisions as part of your daily routine, and get your team effectively pursuing and achieving the business goals set.

After listening, you’ll know how to define specific goals and measure your progress with my SMARTY goal method. And if you have a heavy workload, my Four D’s Formula will help you run through your to-do list with focus, energy and confidence.

You’ll also learn how to ensure you’re building time for yourself into your calendar and life.

Tune in as I cover topics like time blocking, prioritization, goal setting, and MORE!


  • The obstacle of time
  • My tips for making your people a priority
  • Applying my SMARTY Goal Method
  • How to commit to your priorities
  • Managing workload with my Four D’s Formula
  • Efficient time blocking
  • Setting expectations

What challenges are you and/or your team having when it comes to effectively managing time?  Book a call with me and let’s talk! https://www.coachmebernadette.com/discoverycall

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