The Leader’s Role in Psychological Safety with Minette Norman and Karolin Helbig

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Episode 324 – Psychological safety in the workplace is not just a trend but an imperative.

The rise of quiet quitting and The Great Resignation are trends that resulted from the pandemic, but the underlying issues have long been around.

People are now looking for roles within a company that fosters a culture of diversity, inclusion and communication, and it’s pushing organizations to start making changes.

Joining me to talk about this topic is Minette Norman and Karolin Helbig, authors of “The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human.” They’re experts on psychological safety and their book breaks down how leaders can build trust and get results by being more human.

During this episode, we go over the negative impacts of not having psychological safety in the workplace and why it’s become such a hot topic. Karolin and Minette also go over the benefits of psychological safety and how you can start implementing it as a leader.

Tune in to explore the concept of psychological safety, and steps YOU as a leader can take today!


  • Defining psychological safety in the workplace
  • Why companies are becoming more aware of this concept
  • How leaders can start embracing psychological safety
  • Communicating courageously and effectively
  • What leaders “being more human” looks like
  • How to measure psychological safety in an organization
  • The effects of a lack of psychological safety
  • Creating psychological safety in a remote work environment

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