The Lazy Path to Riches and Wealth with BARBARA FRIEDBERG

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Are you working hard to earn that paycheck, but unsure of how to build wealth from it?

Do you consider investing to be hard or scary?

Our guest, Barbara Friedberg, will answer the question – How can I automate my financial future so I can concentrate on what really matters?

Barbara references several resources for you:

Download her microbook – How To Invest And Grow Your Wealth – Easy-to-implement investment approach at

She also recommends you read a simple but powerful book – The Elements of Investing by Burton G. Malkiel and Charles D. Ellis is an excellent place to start; not only research but investing. Check them out HERE.

Our guest, Barbara Friedberg, talks about how you can get a really easy plan, that incorporates sound science about investing, to secure your financial tomorrow, even if you don’t have an interest in finance or investment management.

There is absolutely no need for you to be scared or hesitant investing in your financial future!!!

Barbara paints a clear picture for you as to how you can put your money to work for yourself, and create the find the financial, emotional, and personal freedom you want!!!


Barbara A. Friedberg, MS, MBA is a former portfolio manager and university investments instructor. She’s enjoying her dream with publishing credits on US News and World Report, Forbes, Investopedia, MSN Money and more. She helps others learn about personal finance and investing at BarbaraFriedbergPersonalFinance. and Robo-Advisor Pros. Her Encyclopedia of Personal Finance is a teaching tool for financial literacy.

FOLLOW her on Twitter @BarbFriedberg

If you want to become that powerhouse leader who is creating riches in all areas of your work and life, all you need to do is schedule a powerhouse coaching session HERE.

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