Tapping Your LeadershipFlow with CROFT EDWARDS

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What makes the difference between an effective leader and an average leader? According to Croft Edwards of CROFT + Company, the answer is flow, LeadershipFlow. True leaders need to embody what they want from their employees, so they can bring the best out of their organization.

Croft Edwards helps leaders and organizations grow and produce high-performing team members with his unique methodology, called LeadershipFlow. He’s joining host Bernadette to discuss more ways that leaders fail to create a culture of effective communication, the biggest roadblock being leaders themselves.

With a background as an ontological coach, he focuses on language, active listening and the body to start facilitating growth. In his book, LeadershipFlow Perfectly Square: Story About Learning to Lead and Transforming a Company, Croft details more of his methodology, plus how to let go of your ego and find vulnerability in order to be a great leader.

In this episode, he also gives insight on the importance of connecting with the body, and why practicing new skills in the body is the only way to build a better future for your company and train the next generation.

Tune in to hear all this and more, including how you can tap into your LeadershipFlow!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What is LeadershipFlow?
  • Common mistakes of leaders
  • What emotions tell you about how a team functions
  • How technology like Zoom is affecting LeadershipFlow
  • The biggest challenges facing Croft’s clients
  • Ways Croft gets leaders to be vulnerable
  • The body is the holy grail of leadership
  • Cordial hypocrisy
  • LeadershipFlow as a methodology
  • How Croft is practicing self-mastery and being in his body
  • Using the Army to explain an organization that creates high performing leaders
  • Why training and development is essential
  • Croft on his book, LeadershipFlow Perfectly Square: Story About Learning to Lead and Transforming a Company

Learn more about Croft Edwards at www.croftandcompany.com

You can also follow him on Linkedin and Twitter!

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