Take Accountability or Don’t Lead!

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EPISODE – 323 Do you take accountability?

Think of a time your manager asked you to complete a task, and even though you didn’t have enough information to do it correctly, you didn’t tell them. Or, imagine a situation where you forgot to ask your team for their reports before a stakeholder meeting, and now you’re walking in empty-handed. 

Did you lie and blame it on an employee, or own up to your own mistakes? 

In other words, did you take accountability?

During today’s episode, we go over the meaning of personal accountability and its role in the workplace. You’ll learn what accountability looks like, how it impacts a team’s success, and the responsibility of leaders.

Join the conversation as we break down the skills and traits you need to inspire personal accountability, and be a powerhouse leader! 


  • What accountability means in the workplace
  • Why accountability is a crucial skill for leaders
  • Assessing our personal accountability
  • Mastering trust with your team
  • How leaders can encourage personal accountability

Do you struggle to hold others or even yourself accountable?
Keep in mind, your people are looking to you to set an example.

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