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Episode 329 – Leadership is not an ability you automatically gain when you get promoted to a leadership role. It requires multiple skills that need to be developed, and if it is not, it can mean the difference between simply managing and not leading.

Joining me to discuss her proven framework to become a transformational leader is Cynthia Corsetti of Cynthia Corsetti Coaching.

With decades of experience coaching executives, she helps you gain a deep understanding of what it takes to be a leader that pushes an organization forward.

In this episode, Cynthia shares the common mistakes she sees leaders making, her four pillars of leadership, and how to evolve into a powerhouse leader.

You’ll learn what transformation looks like, the difference between mentoring and coaching, and MORE.

If you’re an aspiring leader or want to know how to level up your leadership skills, so you no longer have to struggle, tune in now!


  • Challenges faced by Cynthia’s clients
  • How leaders should serve their employees
  • A leaders path to self-awareness
  • Skills necessary to be a transformational leader
  • Mentoring versus coaching
  • The 4 pillars of leadership
  • How her team implements their CARE framework
  • Cynthia Corsetti Coaching’s CARE to Lead cohorts
  • Cynthia’s top piece of advice to aspiring leaders

Learn more about Cynthia Corsetti Coaching and their CARE to Lead programs here:

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