Stop applying for JOBS!! Start applying for FREEDOM with KELLY DAUBACH

Mindsets are holding women back in the workplace and keeping them from achieving freedom and peace of mind. Learn 5 critical steps to create freedom no matter what the title!!

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Kelly answers the question, what is keeping you from applying for freedom so you can stop applying for jobs?

Did you know the next ‘workforce normal’ is actually allowing the corporate female executive or entrepreneur to create ultimate autonomy in where they work, how they work, and what products or services they offer.

We get into all of it with Kelly and so much more, such as:

1. Mindsets that are holding women in the workplace back from achieving’freedom’.

2. Common mistakes women in the workplace make that keep them from being successful.

3. Five critical steps to create ‘freedom’ no matter what the title!

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Kelly Daubach, business coach, has generated over $100MM in organic revenue attributed to her niche in business development, sales training, and solution selling within her own business, ANU Business Coaching.

Kelly enjoys a very active lifestyle with her husband and two children, boating, hiking, and traveling. Working with Kelly, you will find her style to be authentic, genuine, empowering and FUN!

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