Leadership: Moving the Needle with TANYA BUGBEE

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If years of a pandemic have changed anything in our world, it’s that more people are craving life-work blend, or balance as some would prefer.

Whether you’re working remotely or not, finding this blend is important for both personal and professional growth. But what if your boss is not compassionate? Or, your values don’t align with the company culture?

Tanya Bugbee, of Tanya Bugbee Coaching and Consulting, talks to host Bernadette about the struggles leaders are facing, including a workforce that craves blend even in this tough economy.

She shares stories of her clients to explain the fear, lack of trust and compassion

It’s not all bad news, though! Tanya discusses the progress many organizations are making to move the needle towards powerhouse leadership. She also talks about the power of mindset, and helping her clients nurture their superpowers to reach their goals.

You’ll want to tune in if you’re a professional wanting to excel in your career or learn how to be a better leader and inspire loyalty!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Tanya’s life and career
  • What Tanya hopes to accomplish
  • Struggles many people faced through the pandemic
  • The importance of having a positive mindset
  • Compassion as a critical leadership skill
  • Helping clients who have a boss lacking compassion
  • The #1 challenge leaders are having right now
  • Bernadette’s experience with survivor’s guilt
  • Tanya shares examples of layoffs and how supportive leaders handled them
  • How fear shows up in leadership and its effect
  • The story of when Tanya quit her job during the pandemic
  • Tapping into your superpowers
  • What Tanya is excited about for her and her client’s futures
  • Coaching vs. therapy
  • Advice to professionals

Learn more about Tanya and her coaching business on her website: https://www.tanyabugbee.com/

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