Solving Problems (Without Making Them Worse!) – with KRISTINE CONWAY

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Are you the type of person who swoops in to save the day?

I’m so excited to be talking today to Kristine Conway, all about how many of us, well-meaning leaders, parents and partners are fixated on solving the problems of others.

Are you the type of person who swoops in to save the day, or have you considered that your so-called fixing could be doing more harm than good by doing so?

Kristine is going to help you find out if your so-called fixing is the real problem to solve.

We will also be tackling the question many of you ask her, which is, 

“Why aren’t I getting the results I expect?”

Highlights From This Episode:

(01:33) Kristine Introduction

(03:00) When nobody questions

(05:37) Avoiding questions and whispers

(11:43)  The way we present

(14:03) Not an overnight phenomenon

(18:22) Emotional Intelligence is key

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