The Intersection of Sexuality, Pleasure and Leadership with MARIANNE ST CLAIR

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Leaders, don’t be thrown off by today’s topic of sexuality and pleasure. My guest, Marianne St Clair, helps us discover how feminine and masculine energies are both essential to unlock creativity and boost confidence — both crucial attributes for a powerhouse leader.

Marianne is a trailblazing coach who employs her background in somatic work and connection to the muse, aka her feminine side, to help others reach their full potential. In this episode, she explains why so many leaders are experiencing burnout, and how the muse can empower both men and women to become multi-dimensional leaders.

We also talk about how pleasure and play in everyday moments can reconnect us with our bodies, and my own personal struggle with reclaiming my sexuality. Plus, Marianne gives actionable advice you can start doing now.

If you want to get excited about life again and improve your leadership skills, this episode is for you!


  • How Marianne escaped a cycle of burnout
  • Defining the “premier muse” and “coach”
  • Embracing our femininity
  • The effect of sexuality and pleasure on leadership
  • Why so many people are unfulfilled and how to fix it
  • What we can learn from the younger generations
  • How Marianne helps clients release unseen barriers
  • Marianne’s best piece of advice you act on NOW

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Check out the book both Marianne and I talked about in this episode, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill!

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