According to Publishing Perspectives (2011), 200 Million or 81% of all individuals, ‘want to write a book’. Yet, a small portion of them actually write one, and even a fewer number of new or experienced authors and publishers treat the writing, promoting and selling of their books as a BUSINESS.

Why, when for any corporate leader, business expert, and/or author wannabe, a book is a great business card, door opener and advancement tool? It’s simple:

  •  You don’t know what you don’t know!
  •  Writing, publishing and promoting a book is not a writer’s expertise.
  •  Publishers and self-publishing programs don’t plan, implement, let alone coach a writer through the process of becoming a true author – not just someone with a book.

Over the past 5 years, I have learned and executed all of the do’s, don’ts, lessons learned and best practices of writing, but more importantly, marketing and launching, not only my book, but that of others.

IGNITE YOUR AUTHOR Programs are customized to your particular needs and budgets, and can include services such as:

  • A standard Ignite Your Author PROJECT PLAN for writing, publishing, marketing and selling your book.  ➡ BUY IT NOW and tailor it yourself. You will also get a FREE 30 Minute Coaching Call.
  • List of recommended tools, applications, social platforms and reporting
  • Project Repository to store all relevant files
  • Create or enhance your Fan and Reader marketing platform; including your social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.), author website, and other fan engagement social sites.
  • Media Exposure Managemenet – research, pitch and schedule, then manage radio, television, blog tour and other media placements, along with book reviews and testimonials.
  • Create a Media Kit, made up of the BIO, media materials, interview questions and more
  • Write and distribute press releases for all key events throughout the program
  • Create an Image Library of educational and marketing images needed to keep your book in front of your readers
  • Develop a Book Trailer
  • Create Book/Brand/Author/Expert Video and Audios and Library
  • Social Media support – writing content and messaging, tweeting, posting, etc.
  • Media Exposure Management – plan, create and execute Launch events; Facebook Launch Party, Twitter Chats, and other virtual events
  • Weekly Writing and Publishing Coaching (advice, tips and accountability)
  • and more…….


Ball of Fire Value to the Author:

  • Our custom programs allow you to manage your budget
  • We leverage proven resources, tools and practices
  • We take the burden off of you so you can focus on your career, business and life
  • We eliminate stress of the unknown – what to do, when, with whom, and more.

SCHEDULE NOW a complimentary call to discuss IGNITING YOUR AUTHOR from within!!!