Breaking Old Self-Perceptions and the Glass Ceiling with JENN ADAMSON

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Have you ever grappled with the voice in your head that whispers, “Am I good enough? Am I doing enough?” 

In this episode with executive coach Jenn Adamson, we discuss self-perceptions, internal barriers and the doubts commonly experienced by women in leadership working to break through the glass ceiling, as well as how they can conquer the internal barriers that hinder their success.

Jenn and I address complex issues like imposter syndrome and perfectionism, diving into the root causes and their impact on female leaders and their teams. Most importantly, she shares strategies and tools women can use to unlock their full potential, emphasizing the importance of building self-worth, compassion and connection.

We also dive into the crucial role coaches play in not just professional development, but also personal growth.

Join us for an insightful conversation on how to reshape your self-perceptions and break through the glass ceiling that’s limiting your progress!


  • Women’s perception of themselves and their success
  • Exploring the root causes of imposter syndrome
  • Jenn’s 3 C’s and 5 C’s formula for success
  • Addressing burnout in experience female leaders
  • The power of compassion and connection in leadership
  • The impact of perfectionism and tools to overcome it
  • Personal and professional benefits of having a coach
  • Coping mechanism to deal with our internal barriers

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