Join the 10% Club!

Ball of Fire Coaching is all about showing powerhouse female transformation coaches and consultants how to break into the 10% Club.

What’s the 10% Club?

It’s the 10% of businesses ONLY that generate over $100K or more… meaning there are 90% of businesses earning less.


Others would account it to women questioning their worth, capability, and willingness to take on what might be needed to break through into the 10%.

I have a different perception of the struggle.

Sure, you may doubt yourself or even feel like an imposter going after your goals and dreams.

Afterall,  you may have folks whispering in your ear that you can’t, or shouldn’t… and going after your dreams and building a business is scary.

What I have found is that they are really struggling with finding the type of education, resources, and support they specifically need to leverage all of their skills, talents, experience, expertise, and overall riches.

More than ever,

the coaching, mentoring and masterminding support critical to the empowerment of female coaches, consultants and service providers are ONLY offered in large group or self-paced and fully on-line formats…

not allowing individuals to get the focused, targeted, and personalized coaching and masterminding they need.

I have fallen victim to the exact thing… and after spending high 5-figures for it, the only things I achieved was frustration, disappointment and a smaller bank account.

The women coming to Ball of Fire Coaching and me are POWERHOUSES and deserve to have the support that reflects that…

just as our powerhouse mavericks Ball of Fire clients are.


Since 2008, my passion is to help female coaches, consultants and service providers, with 1:1 private and small group (max 8) coaching programs that:

✔︎ Transform their business into a freedom-generating machine

✔︎ Turn their goals on paper into money in the bank

✔︎ Declare, own and crush your business goals and dreams

✔︎ Powerfully reclaim your time and build the business that fulfills… not drains you

✔︎ Know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it to get your business to THAT next level

✔︎ Master the key to nurturing an unshakable mindset to keep you focused, motivated, and ignited to create

✔︎ Ditch the suffocating overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration to enjoy your life again… 

And much much more!


If you are ready to become a powerhouse maverick in your business and life, let’s talk and see how I can support you in breaking the money and time ceiling together within our Get Clients Accelerator or Shift to Riches Programs.



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