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Episode – 319 Barbara Teicher, from PropelHer® Influence, helps you to focus on three pivotal priorities that can propel both your career and the bottom line, leading to: Emotional intelligence, more profitable and engaged teams, supportive corporate cultures and influence with impact. 

We discuss why some women just aren’t getting promoted, gaining influence, and achieving their career ambitions. 

We are taking the time to dig deep into why it is that women aren’t, as Barbara says, propelling, in their career.

So, join us as Barbara teaches us about the dangers of assuming, what is causing your career to be stagnant and how you can propel

Here are the highlights 

(01:42) Propelling – what do we mean by that?

(07:07) A French bike accident

(09:46) Getting that influence

(14:30) Knowledge is power

(17:23) The view from the top of the ladder

(21:19) Personalities and Communication

Barbara Teicher, CSP, has been motivating and educating globally as a leadership and communication speaker. She is a multi-time TEDx presenter and published author. Her book, “It’s HOW You Say It®” is endorsed by The Washington Post. She has worked with officers of the most recognized brands in the world.

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