Ball of Fire Leadership Workshops



What is a Ball of Fire Leader?

Simple, she or he is one committed to igniting and accelerating the RICHes in their career, business, and life.

A Ball of Fire Leader clearly gets that their success depends greatly on optimizing not only their skill set but even more so their mindset as a leader, so they can optimize the talents, expertise and experience they possess.

As a result, we have formulated a set of Ball of Fire Leadership Workshops focused on personal and professional growth, development, and success.

Just ask Sharon Noble, VP Global Human Resources at Huber Engineered Materials

“I invited Bernadette to speak to the Women in our Atlanta office. This was the first event geared for this group. She exceeded my expectations in motivating and engaging the group of women. Examples of the comments we received were; I would love to be with her just 5 minutes a day to keep me motivated, I’m re-energized, insightful, encouraging, I needed someone to push me to think about my personal and professional goals. Bernadette made it real and was extremely humbling in telling her story. We had customer service reps attend as well as the Chief Legal Counsel to our corporation. Everyone benefited from our lively discussion. October 29, 2013

If you don’t see something here you need for your team or company, schedule a 30-minute STRATEGY CALL with Bernadette to discuss your goals and objectives and match a program that will be right for you.

A Brief overview of the programs offered:





This workshop (or keynote) provides tips, tools and actionable next steps to create dynamic leaders who:

  • Understand and believe in their value and contribution to the business.
  • Execute on clearly defined personal and business goals with a process that produces significant results.
  • Integrate key change management skills into their daily activities.






This workshop (or keynote) educates, informs and inspires leaders to:

  • Assess your leaders, team, and self to determine if they are a ball of fire or bully leader.
  • Obtain high-value tips, techniques and practices for managing conflict and difficult people.
  • Understand the impact of ball of fire leaders vs. bully leaders on your people, processes and profits.







This workshop (or keynote) accelerates one’s leadership style by:

  • Understanding the role of the mindset on the effectiveness of their skillset via our Shift to RICHes Formula™.
  • Assessing and honoring their riches of talent, skill, and achievements while acknowledging areas for development.
  • A detailed RICHplan™ outlining SMART goals, key next steps, actions, tips and tactics for accelerating their leadership.



Bernadette is available for

  • Keynotes
  • Conferences (nationwide, regional, state or local)
  • Business Meetings
  • Leadership Events
  • Sales Training
  • In-house presentations
  • Public Seminars
  • Chamber of Commerce Functions
  • Banquets
  • Any other function where an (outside) speaker is feasible

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