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“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.”  Dolly Parton

An underlying struggle many professionals deal with today come in the form of:

  • Understanding their real value and contribution to their team, company, and overall career.
  • Executing on clearly defined business and personal goals that advance themselves, their team and their business.
  • Creating a valuable and impacting team and network which contributes to their success.

HR Managers struggle with:

  • Understanding what and how to motivate and influence underperforming teams
  • Addressing issues created from highly productive but difficult and struggling professionals
  • Motivating and inspiring high potential leaders anxious for advancement and position

As an Executive Leadership Coach and Strategy Consultant, I take great pride in partnering with dedicated and determined leaders to overcome those struggles, establish a clear path and vision toward their goals, and achieve the focus, clarity, confidence and energy that will make them great leaders and teams. 

It is no wonder those executives who partner with a coach on their personal and professional goals also contribute greatly to the success of their team, culture, and business:




The commitment I make to my clients has always been to accelerate the leadership style, enrich the mindset, and propel the higher level of success of teams and individuals with their teams, peers, partners, managers, company, and even personal family and friends, resulting in significant return on investment.

If you or your team are ready to ignite your Ball of Fire Leadership style and create riches in your career, business, and life, then schedule time to talk with me about your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes from our working together. You will achieve significant personal and professional ROI. I guarantee it.




Ball of Fire Senior or C-Suite Executive Leadership Coaching 

This level of coaching is usually tied to the company’s strategic initiatives, succession planning and/or retention strategies, with specific goals and measurements defined by key members of the organization and/or the sponsor of the program.

 Included within our 6 Month Coaching Program:

  • An initial two-hour meeting with the executive (and sponsor(s) – if applicable) to define the scope, objectives and measurements of the program
  • Fifteen-minute interviews with 3 individuals aligned to the executive being coached, to gain initial assessment. Existing performance reviews and/or assessments are also applicable.
  • Monthly one hour face to face or phone call sessions for a minimum of 6 months
  • Two 30 minute calls can be replaced for the one-hour session each month
  • Creating the executive’s RICHplan™ with specific goals, objectives, measurements, timelines, next steps
  • Unlimited e-mail support

                    Optional: Minimum of two assessments

Ball of Fire Manager One on One Coaching Program

This 6 Month program is designed to ignite the performance and development of high potential manager’s own leadership style and team-building skills. Includes:

  • An initial meeting with the individual’s Manager, for an initial assessment of potential areas for development
  • An initial in person/skype coaching session with the individual to establish specific and measurable goals
  • Creating a detailed and actionable six month RICHplan™
  • Twelve to Fifteen 30 minute telephone  Coaching Sessions throughout the six months
  • Unlimited e-mail support

Ball of Fire Team Group Coaching Program

This 6 Month program is structured for a group of 4-6 team members to provide the support, coaching and accountability needed to increase the contribution and profitability they make to the company and their own success. The Monthly 90-Minute session includes:

  • Tips and tools for prioritizing the appropriate tasks to their goals
  • Individual coaching on the execution of their highest priority tasks
  • Accountability and support with their challenges, missteps and achievements

*All coaching is done virtual unless arranged differently. Travel and expense are not included in standard coaching rates.

Ball of Fire Ball of Fire Leadership Consulting

Leveraging 25 years of corporate and entreprenurial expertise and savviness, Bernadette consulting small to corporate clients on the end-to-end process of attracting, hiring, retaining and developing individuals, teams and companies through a powerful, results oriented People Program.

Areas of Focus include:

  • Defining a company’s People strategy, plans and processes
  • Creating the underlying steps, collateral / materials, and training
  • Defining business roles, functions, job descriptions and roles/responsbilities required





I so look forward to partnering with you in accelerating your ball of fire leader within!