Ball of Fire VIP Accelerator


Are you focused, determined and serious about growing your team, your business, and YOU?

Are you ready to achieve success and RICHes in your career, business and life by:

  • getting really clear, specific and focused on your  goals?
  • finding your WHYspot™ which will keep you pushing through hard and easy times, to ask for what you want, and to step up as the ball of fire leader you are meant to be?
  • discovering, confronting and shedding the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, frustrated and discouraged, so you finally achieve the  goals you have for yourself, your family, your team and company?
  • laying out your RICHaction™ plan that will have you moving toward achieving your goals?
  • identifying a proven formula for combating the challenges and self-sabotaging beliefs, while empowering your mindset toward achieving significant growth and riches.

If you are not where you want to be….. how much is it worth to you to get it there? Answer that, and you will see this opportunity as the INVESTMENT you deserve.


What is a Ball of Fire VIP Accelerator?

A VIP leader is a Valuable and Influential Professional who not only ignites the talent, skills and interpersonal strengths of their team members, but also themselves. And my goal is to ignite you into a ball of fire VIP who gains the respect of your teams, the advancements you’ve earned and the self-love you deserve.

The Program?

  • It is a full immersion into your career, business and life goals, into your current and desired mindset and skill set, the challenges keeping you from your goals, and your overall leadership style.
  • You and I will partner together to discover, confront and shed what is not working in your life, exploit the things that are, and establish an actionable strategy and tactical plan that will shift you toward RICHes.
  • We will then lay out the next steps and actions you will take in the following 90 days (of your 6 month plan) to execute on your plans, so you achieve immediate results – whether it is in your productivity, positive mindset, or the profitability generated from your team, business and you as a leader.
  • You will be able to leverage my 30 years of both corporate executive leadership, strategic planning, and tactical execution, and my creative and innovative entrepreneurial spirit; which includes out of the box ways to grow careers, businesses and lives of my clients, and you.
  • I will share with you, one on one, my own experiences, expertise, best practices and lessons learned about leading, advancing, and growing teams, companies, and individual professionals.

 Hear what other’s have to say:

Rico-PenaRico Pena, CEO of Global Pena describes Bernadette as “A master of finding the clear road that builds success both in business and in life. Bernadette’ s knowledge, background and affiliations are equal to none.”




6 Outcomes You’ll Gain from your VIP Accelerator…

  1. Discover or confirm your career, business and life goals, your Why Spot™, and measurements which define the RICHes you want to achieve.
  2. Acknowledge and honor your RICHes of leadership and business skills, talents, traits and qualities, expertise, experience, and achievements; which leads to your success, while identifying sabotagers and areas for growth and development.
  3. Have an actionable 6 Month Growth RICHplan™ which you can begin to execute immediately.
  4. A well defined RICHes Measurement Plan™ for tracking, measuring, accounting, and adjusting your goals.
  5. You will learn mindset, productivity, effectiveness and time management strategies and tactics, along with revenue generating activities that will save you time, money and resources.
  6. Construct the optimal business model for your specific goals and objectives which align too the mission and vision you have for your business and life.



How do we get this done?

After spending 30+ years consulting with Fortune 100 companies and their C-Level leadership teams, as well coaching with Small to Medium size businesses, I am well known for my deep-dive interviewing style, optimal listening skills, detailed dissection of business problems, pains and risks, and strategizing ideas short and long term executives have not considered.

Bottomline – my right brain/left brain approach to business and life creates significant ROI to my clients.


 ELFlogoOur family owned business has worked with Bernadette and her associates for almost 3 years. Together we have laid out short and long-term goals, she listened to the wishes and intentions of ownership and we have laid out strategies to meet our goals, and Bernadette has led the way in implementing those strategies. “ Mike Falkenhagen, CEO E.L.F. Displays, Fixtures and Millwork


CarolEbert“What an impressive, comprehensive, practical and powerful session I had with Bernadette… with great followup of how I can move forward with the changes I need to make to enhance my success. She really nailed it for me and I am excited to implement her recommendations. Everyone deserves a dose of Bernadette’s wisdom and insights. Contact her today and you will discover for yourself that she is a gem not to be missed!” Carol Ebert, USNA Health Sciences Independent Associate





BBoasProfilePhotoMarch2014Bernadette has inspired, motivated and educated companies, teams, and individuals with her bold ‘been there, done that’ approach to how a business and individual manages and grows; resulting in increased revenue, profits, and employee satisfaction for companies, leadership, career growth and business success.

With the savviness of a 25 year corporate executive, and her creative, get it done spirit of an entrepreneur, Bernadette leverages her years of successes and missteps, pains and joys, and the highs and lows of being a female leader. Her roles have comprised of  Consultant/Coach; Senior Consultant, Managing Partner, Vice President of Organization Development, Chief Knowledge Officer, and now business owner and CEO.

With what she called her ‘pink slip to freedom’, Bernadette authored her first in a series of books, Shedding the Cbook smallorporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, which serves as a leadership guide for coaching and training corporate and entrepreneur high potential professionals.


ROyS“I have worked on and off with Bernadette for the last 4 years for both consulting and mentoring. I’m always impressed with her out-of-the-box thinking for problem solving, proposing marketing strategies or providing ideas for products. Her expert consulting guidance has been integral to the successes I have experienced.” Roy Salisch, CEO Roysco Solar






Introducing your VIP Accelerator

Over the last 8 years I have been asked by CEO’s and leaders, such as yourself, for a strategic, focused and customized program dedicated to just them –where they can propel their career, business, and life, while reaping significant rewards in the office and at home.

You and I will work one on one on YOU, your CAREER/BUSINESS, and your LIFE, and create various plans, strategies, and tactics for you to achieve RICHes.

This VIP Accelerator will give you a specific RICHplan customized to you so you can prioritize and execute effectively on a daily basis toward the career, business, and life you want.




What Your VIP Accelerator Program will look like:

  • Preparation Strategy Call (45 minutes) – upon commitment, we will schedule a SKYPE/Google Hangout call to lay out your customized plan and agenda based on your priority, schedule, and goals. We will also start to get to know each other.
  • On a single day of your choosing, we will spend 10:00 – 4:00 together (in person or online):
    • Part 1 – review of the day, continue our getting to know one another, and an initial deep dive interview of priorities, goals, mindset and sabotagers, measurements, ideas and more… and we’ll take a break to stretch, hydrate and refuel for our next section of the day.
      • If we work face to face in Atlanta, I will take you out and treat you to a nice Atlanta/Buckhead/Midtown lunch – you pick the location.
    • Part 2 – now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty in drafting your RICHplan™:
      • Career, Business and/or Life Vision, Goals and Challenges
      • Current and Future Priorities, Success Measurements, and Risks
      • Your Target Career Path, Business Customer and Results Path (based on career, business or life aspirations)
      • A 6 Month Strategic and Tactical Plan of Actions (broken down by month)
      • A RICHes and Sabotagers Assessment with a Personal Development Plan.
      • Time Management and Productivity tactics, tools and techniques
      • Additional tips, ideas, advice, and coaching on unknown (today) topics, issues or opportunities.
    • 3 / 1-hour  Coaching Calls – 30, 60 and 90 Days respectively following your VIP Accelerator Day, to ensure you are executing on your plans, addressing any roadblocks, and remaining focused on your goals.  You will then be ready to execute and achieve the balance of your 6 Month RICHplan™.



Bottomline – you will obtain a significant shift and ROI in your career, business, and life. I guarantee it!!

Speedpro“I highly recommend Bernadette Boas to any business owner who believes their business could benefit from focused and determined goal setting, defining and implementing consistent processes and maximizing available time. Bernadette’s experience and techniques were invaluable as I established and grew my new business (in spite of the economy). If you intuitively know your business has what it takes to grow and understand the risk of “missed opportunity”, then I believe you will find Bernadette an incredible resource.” Don Neder, CEO Speedpro Imaging



Are you ready for this ROI driven VIP Accelerator?

A VIP Accelerator isn’t for everyone… and because I am dedicated and determined to your success and RICHes, I need you to be that and more, as I only accept a handful of people into this VIP Accelerator:

  • Running a business of your own for a minimum of 3 years OR an executive or high potential leader in a corporate company.
  • This isn’t just about your time, you need to be willing to put skin in the game by investing and committing to doing the work, and viewing it as an investment IN you – not a cost TO you.
    • If you are not where you want to be….. how much is it worth to you to get it there? Answer that, and you will see this as the INVESTMENT in you and your business, that it is.
  • You need to possess a professional acumen that already includes planning, budgeting, measuring and assessing your career, business, and life, with a focus on your personal and professional development.
  • You need to be open to coaching and constructive feedback.
  • You need to be ready to go, grow and gain RICHes as a Ball of Fire VIP !

Are you ready? Then SCHEDULE your FREE Brainstorming Session today to discuss your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes, so we can secure your slot in this exclusive and limited Accelerator program.


*Should you choose to want the VIP Accelerator Day held face to face here in Atlanta; your travel and hotel will be your responsibility.