Circle of RICHes™ Roundtable – APPLY TODAY!

Are you a Female Corporate and Entrepreneur Leaders with a passion and determination to change the face of women in business and life today and for the future! If so, join our Circle of RICHes for Corporate and Entrepreneur Female Leaders!

Our Mission/Goals:

You – provide a safe, confidential, engaging and collaborative space for you to be inspired to learn and grow in your business, career and life

The Circle – establish a supportive and motivational community working together to rise up the skills, talents, and mindsets of the group, toward individual and group goals.

All Women – create, stimulate, and spread the expertise, accomplishments, learning’s, and dialogue established within the Circle to other women in our own networks and throughout the world!

Our Goal: Influence change for you and women in business and life! 


  • Enhance your network with other knowledgeable, ambitious, and successful women
  • Create, build and grow your business, career and life
  • Dialogue, debate and delight in top of mind issues for women
  • Gain advice, coaching and education on key aspects of your business and life
  • Develop and enhance key skills, talents and leadership traits

One Saturday each month, I  host an exclusive Circle of Riches Roundtable, made up of high profile, highly ambitious, and highly determined executive level corporate and entrepreneurial women, who are over the games, blame, politics and self-limiting beliefs, preventing them and other women from the RICHes in business and life they have earned and deserve.

Our (online and in person) meetings are a mix of collaborative, strategic and action oriented mastermind/networking session dialogue, debate, education, and we formulate ways and opportunities for ‘women to activate women’ – holding each other to our own success and the success of others. We address tough topics and issues such as: Why Women Hate on Women, Engaging Mentors, What Men Can Teach Us, Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Panache, Steps to Succeed, The Politics of Success…and many others, defined by the group.

As effective, results oriented, and successful corporate women leaders, you know it takes networking, collaboration and engagement to succeed, yet you rarely have an opportunity to do so. The Circle of Riches Roundtable is being formed to do just that; and to drive change, take action and deliver results to women!

If you:

  • are a corporate or entrepreneurial woman who seeks avenues for networking, collaborating and strategizing with other professional women…..
  • want the support, engagement, and expertise of others to achieve your own success while influencing the success of other women…..
  • are tired of the walls, politics and self-sabotaging actions facing you every day at work, home and in the community as a result of your ambitions and dreams….
  • want to take action and change the face of women in the boardroom and living room………….

Request an application for consideration to one of these unique and exclusive groups (of 8-10), and join us for our next meeting – contact me at or 678-438-1908 for all of the details.

PS – should you know of any high profile, highly determined executive corporate and entrepreneur women who we should personally invite to join the group, please let me know.