Our Program

Our ‘ball of fire’ programs are focused on driving results, both qualitative and quantitative, with the single goal of accelerating growth for our clients, their teams and the companies they work in.

Our amazing clients come to us for a variety of opportunities, challenges, decisions, business problems or personal development opportunites:

  • Entreprenuers who want guidance, advisement, support and accountability as they start, grow and manage their business.
  • Corporate professionals at all levels who are in need of a sounding board, strategy partner, accountability partner, or a motivator as they navigate their career, team and business.
  • Highly productive individuals who are struggling to engage, collaborate, assimilate or make the shifts needed to maximize their success.
  • Frustrated, over worked, stuck and unfocused women and men who need clarity, a different perspective, and motivation to get out of their own way so they achieve their goals.

Which one are you?

Go ahead, it’s okay to be honest and aware of where you may need support, because now that you are, you can feel confident and excited that Ball of Fire Consulting can provide you the right program, at the right time, to achieve the right objective.

PROGRAMS include:


Shift to RICHes Accelerator

Coaching and Consulting

Workshops and Training

Hire A Ball of Fire Speaker