From Procrastinator to Powerhouse Producer

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If you’ve found yourself using the excuse that you just “don’t have enough time” to finish an important task or reach a career goal, then you likely have a productivity problem. 

I’ve heard this excuse a lot in my work as an executive coach, and that’s why I created a productivity profile to assess my client’s productivity and help them go from procrastinator to productivity powerhouse.

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can determine your own productivity profile and understand the harmful patterns that hinder your productivity. During this self-assessment, you’ll discover which time of day you’re most productive, the type of environment you work best in, what inhibits your productivity, and MORE.

Plus, I offer tips on how you can leverage this information to create a schedule that increases productivity, supports your goals, and drives results on your team.

As I say in this episode, “even small steps lead to big results over time, and that will help you to achieve all the riches that you want in your work and life.” So take one small step by listening to this episode to learn how you can boost your productivity starting today!

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  • The benefits of defining your productivity profile 
  • Questions to answer for your productivity profile
  • How to build a schedule around your productivity profile
  • Why goals are crucial for efficient productivity
  • Using your productivity profile to make positive changes

DOWNLOAD the full Productivity Profile template so you can define your own personalized profile – HERE

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