6 P’s of Powerful Communication

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Episode 321 – Do you know if you are an effective communicator? Do you find yourself leaving meetings dissatisfied, like you didn’t get your point across or were unprepared to answer tough questions? This is a sign that you’re not communicating with intention, and most likely need the guidance of my 6 P’s of Powerful Communication.

Powerhouse leaders are defined by the ability to execute, handle conflict, and influence. 

In this episode, I’ll explain how to plan, prepare and practice communication so you can be a confident leader that inspires those around you. You’ll learn why each step is unique and necessary for reaching your desired result, whether it’s in the workplace or in your personal life.

Then, I break down strategies to present your information, process key takeaways, and pursue those goals. From active listening to dealing with anxiety over addressing tough topics, I’m sharing tips that will transform how you become an effective communicator.

Regardless of your current skill set, this episode is a must-listen for all leaders!


  • Why communication is so important
  • Making a game plan
  • Preparing yourself and content
  • The practicing phase
  • Presenting and being present
  • Evaluating yourself and learning lessons
  • Following up and making new goals

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