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Shedding the Corporate Bitch® Podcast & TV  is for female corporate executives who feel burned out, overwhelmed, and sick and tired of going it alone.

You will be inspired, motivated, and determined to discover, confront and shed your bitches of fear, insecurity, doubt, and negativity holding you back from achieving success, so you can transform into the powerhouse leader you are meant to be.

Bernadette and her guests share their personal journeys, as well as that of their clients, so you can reap the rewards of their mistakes, successes, and missteps in becoming leaders others want to follow.

You can also watch the video interviews on our Shedding the Bitch® TV YouTube channel.

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Changing the Shape of Corporate with EMMA CLAYTON

According to our guest, Emma Clayton, global leadership mentor and career transition coach, when women bring their whole selves to their leadership roles, it will shift the shape of corporate as we know it from the traditional masculine makeup to a more balanced place to work and serve the world from.

Karen Wilson

Stepping outside your comfort zone with Dr. Karen Wilson

Dr. Karen Wilson talks with me and you about what it takes for women to find the courage to step outside of their comfort zones, and become successful entrepreneurs by choosing to become bold, get uncomfortable, and attain extraordinary success as a female entrepreneur.

Libby-Gill interview with Bernadette Boas

You Unstuck: The Rewards of Risk-taking with Libby Gill

Everyone gets stuck – either in life overall or that one segment of your personal or professional life that you just can’t seem to crack.

Leadership coach Libby Gill helps you identify what really matters and how you can form a plan – and a structure – to reach those key objectives.

Emily Cassel interview by Bernadette Boas

Avoid burnout + overwhelm with Emily Cassel

This week our guest, Leadership Coach Emily Cassels, shares her sustainable business cycle process + energetically feminine cycles of productivity, so you can master how to leverage them in your business and life.

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