How to Play by Your Own Rules with DINA SCIPPA

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Even powerhouse leaders have an inner critic, so it’s crucial to learn ways to combat negative self-talk and build confidence not only professionally but personally as well.

Dina Scippa of Enough Labs is joining me on this episode to talk about the power of believing you are enough and “failing forward.” 

Inspired by her own struggles with confidence and disillusionment with leaders in her field, she founded Enough Labs to help women regain their confidence and advocate for themselves in their professional and personal life. 

This episode will inspire you to unlearn the rules and expectations that may be holding you back, take charge of your own story and become the leader you want to be.

If you want to drop your insecurities and start living life by your own rules, this episode is for you!


●      How Dina’s early experiences informed her career and confidence

●      The inspiration to found Enough Labs

●      What imposter syndrome feels like and why we experience it

●      Imposter syndrome in senior leaders

●      Blind spots that hinder effective leadership

●      Dina’s coaching framework

●      How she helps clients overcome their inner critic

●      Setting your own rules as a leader

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