How to be Persistent vs. Perfect!

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Do you know how to focus on persistence or perfection?

We often think striving for perfection will make us better, that it will motivate us and provide a path towards our goals. In reality, perfectionism sets us up for failure and is a cause of burnout and imposter syndrome.

Instead of setting unrealistic standards for yourself and expecting the same from others,  modeling persistence over perfection is the best way to drive results and create a healthy culture for your team. 

That’s why I’m dedicating this episode to uncovering the truth about perfectionism, and giving you tips on how to be persistent over perfect.

Persistence not only leads to more success, but can have a huge impact on your confidence. So if you’re struggling in a new position or have a fear of failing, this episode will help you change your mindset and become a more effective leader.

Switching gears, we examine how to leverage failure for innovation, creativity, and fresh perspectives. You’ll hear about building mental resilience, cultivating support systems, practicing self-care, and the crucial role of self-awareness. 

We’ll guide you on taking a thorough inventory of your setbacks and transforming them into potent lessons. 

As we wrap up, we dissect the art of balancing persistence and perfectionism. 

The dialogue continues on our LinkedIn page – we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences about this transformative journey from perfection to persistence.

Tune in now for all this and MORE!


  • Perfection vs. persistence
  • The impact of striving for perfection
  • What persistence really means
  • Why persistence is better for business
  • Steps to start modeling persistence as a leader
  • How to shed the tendency towards perfectionism

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