Performance Reviews Don’t Have to Suck!

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Performance reviews are a dreaded, daunting task for most leaders, yet they hold immense potential for growth and collaboration. They offer both givers and receivers a chance to learn from the past by addressing areas for improvement, while also taking control of their career by looking to the future.

In this episode, I break down effective strategies for both giving and receiving performance reviews, focusing on preparation, meaningful feedback and setting future goals. By understanding these key aspects, leaders can transform the review process into a positive, developmental experience.

This episode explores the challenges of performance reviews, highlighting the importance of self-advocacy and consistent, constructive feedback throughout the year. I also share tips on navigating the review process, including how to prepare to give or receive reviews, balance past performance with future objectives, and MORE. 

Tune in to hear my actionable advice on making performance reviews a positive experience, turning them into a tool for empowerment and progress!


  • Preparing for effective performance reviews
  • Tips for giving performance reviews that make a difference
  • The importance of regular feedback for employee performance
  • Assessing your strengths and areas of improvement
  • The role of self-advocacy for your career development

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