Perception vs. Reality in Leadership

Bernadette Boas Shedding the Bitch Show

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Confidence is crucial for all leaders, but confidence with a lack of communication can result in a misalignment of your perception and the reality of how others see you.

During this episode, I’m breaking down why it’s important to address this issue of perception vs. reality, and how to ensure your perception is indeed reality. You’ll learn how to implement your idea of self to how you present yourself to your team.

I also cover the benefits for you and your team to have an open line of communication, and create an atmosphere of authenticity and trust.

With my tips for getting honest feedback from your team, you can start to understand how you’re impacting those around you and affecting your own success. Tune in now to start!


  • Why perception should matter to leaders
  • When your perception doesn’t match up with reality
  • Learning how others perceived of me
  • How we all benefit from sharing our perceptions
  • Questions to ask and assessments to take

What struggles do you have understanding the impact or affect you are having on your employees? Have Book a call with me and let’s talk about it so I can give you tips and strategies for being a powerhouse!

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