How to Navigate Bias Traps Toward Your Ultimate Success with GIFTY ENRIGHT

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Have you experienced the subtle undercurrents of gender bias in the workplace? If so, were you able to overcome these invisible barriers with resilience and confidence?

In this episode featuring author, speaker and coach Gifty Enright, we discuss the impact of gender bias and strategies women can use to navigate these bias traps and take control of their career. She identifies six prevailing types of gender bias, addressing the need for both men and women to tackle unconscious bias through personal accountability, peer support, and self-awareness.

Gifty’s insights on finding balance through boundary-setting and effective communication will help women confront biases and advocate not only for themselves in the workplace, but also for everyone affected by workplace biases.

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  • 6 biases prevalent in the workplace
  • The impact of biases on the female talent pipeline
  • Women’s role in changing the system of bias
  • The role of self-awareness in navigating workplace biases
  • Gifty’s book: Octopus on a Treadmill

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