Murder Mediocrity and Create a Powerful Euphoric Career with SHILPHA KULSHRESTHA

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The battle against mediocrity in the workplace is a tough one because many professionals fail to recognize the signs until it’s too late. Its presence may go unnoticed but its impact can be career damaging, undermining professional and personal growth.


Shilpa Kulshrestha, known as the Game Changer Career Coach, teaches professionals how to break free from the cycle of mediocrity and reach their full potential. She joins me in this episode to share useful strategies and tips for “murdering mediocrity,” including her golden rule for nurturing relationships and driving career success.

We discuss the importance of self-awareness, challenges like imposter syndrome, and how professionals at every level of their career can adopt her strategies to advance their career and escape the mediocrity trap.

Tune in to learn how to rejuvenate your career and achieve your goals!


  • The dangers of workplace mediocrity
  • How to recognize and overcome mediocrity
  • Building professional support networks
  • Creating a shared vision for career advancement

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