Master Conscious Leadership with RYANN DOWDY

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What is a Conscious Leader and how does it help you succeed in your work and life?

Conscious leadership, a human-first approach to leading, is more than just supporting employees and fostering growth? Self-awareness is a major component of conscious leadership, you can’t lead and be collaborative with a team if you’re not in touch with your own self.

Today’s guest is Ryann Dowdy, founder of Be in the Room, a conscious leadership collective for women in business. She’s helping women have a voice in the workplace and become self-aware using various tools, including her 6 Self Leadership Principles.

She and Bernadette talk about the shifting leadership landscape, the lack of exemplary leaders in business, and what challenges women face in their careers. Ryann’s also sharing what she’s passionate about in business and life, and what to do when you feel “stuck” in your body and in life.

One of the first steps of having the job you want, or being the kind of leader other women can look up to, is defining your idea of success. Tune in for actionable ways to get started!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Ryann introduces herself and details her career
  • What is conscious leadership and why should we care?
  • Defining self-concept and why it’s important
  • A pivotal moment in Ryann’s professional life
  • Working with women who don’t know how to achieve their ambitions
  • The biggest challenge facing women in leadership
  • How Be in the Room is helping women address issues
  • Self-awareness is key to conscious leadership
  • 6 self leadership principles
  • Explaining self trust and why some women lack it
  • Discovering what you want is the first step
  • Ryann’s view on quiet quitting
  • Advice to women on finding their inner self to start progressing

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