How to Level-Up, Not Man-Up!

Bernadette Boas Shedding the Bitch podcast

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As an executive leadership coach, I’ve heard a lot of clients, especially women, express feelings of insecurity around their approach to work. They think they need to “man up,” get tough or show less emotion in order to succeed in their career.

Why do employees feel this way, especially when many organizations have moved away from the old school style of leadership? Why aren’t they confident enough to be who they truly are, and go after what they want? What can they do to gain respect and not let the opinion of others get them down?

In this episode, I’m answering all these questions and more. I also share how my own iron fist approach to leadership led to the end of my corporate career, the major lessons learned from my time in corporate, and the tips and strategies I use to transform so-so managers into powerhouse leaders.

Tune in to learn how to take control of your career and success in the workplace and life!


  • Why some women feel the need to “man up”
  • Learning to let go of control
  • My advice to discover who you are
  • How to build confidence
  • The importance of mentorship
  • Why you need goals both professionally and personally

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