How to Lead Like a Buffalo with DAN KOPP

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Within every person is the ability to lead. Even if someone is naturally conflict-averse or lacks accountability, they have the potential to develop their skills and be a powerhouse leader — all they need is the confidence to embrace their power and find their own approach to leadership.

Dan Kopp of Leading Like A Buffalo is an expert in this area, so he’s joining me on the show to share his leadership tenets that can help anyone become a better leader. These tenets are a wonderful guide for leaders to discover and build upon their strengths that align with effective leadership. Dan’s book, “The Power of Me Leadership,” dives deeper into all nine tenets, but today you’ll learn what it means to “lead like a buffalo” and “lead like King Arthur.”

In this episode, we also discuss the power of diversity, how to cultivate a culture that people want to work in, and the importance of taking care of your people. Plus, find out what small steps you can take to create an inclusive environment and

Tune in to learn how you can forge your own path and lead with confidence!


  • What it means to “lead like a buffalo”
  • A leader’s responsibility to address issues
  • Dan’s book, “The Power of Me Leadership”
  • Diversity and the King Arthur tenet
  • How he helps leaders and organizations prioritize diversity
  • David’s tenet to take care of your people
  • What holds people back from being a good leader
  • How to start improving your leadership skills today

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