Walk the Talk: Learn How To Lead By Example

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As a teenager, did you ever find yourself annoyed when your parents reprimanded you for doing something they themselves do? Has your child ever asked why they have to do a certain task but you don’t have to? 

Well, adults also have these same thoughts in business.

When a leader has expectations of their employees, such as showing up to work everyday and getting assignments done on time, but they’re not holding themselves to the same standard, it creates a culture of mistrust and apathy. 

Employees won’t feel motivated and inspired to commit to their position or share their ideas in this kind of work environment.

In this episode, I’m focusing on the impact leading by example has on a team and how you can “walk the talk.”

This includes setting clear goals, exuding the values you want to instill in your team, behaving in the way you want them to behave, and more.

I share my tips and strategies so you can begin to reap the benefits of leading by example.

Remember, your employees are like your children. They are watching your every move for what is acceptable or not. It’s your choice.

Tune in for my actionable advice to start leading by example every day!


  • What employees truly want from their managers
  • Why leading by example is important as a manager
  • How leading by example inspires and builds trust
  • The benefits of leading by example
  • Why feedback is important for your growth and development
  • What it takes to lead by example

What questions do you have about being a powerhouse leader who leads by example for your people?
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