Inspiring Leadership with an And/Or Attitude with DELYNN MILLER

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As women, we’re often told we can’t have it all, that there’s only one path to success and sacrifices must be made to get there. Delynn Miller is challenging these societal beliefs in her work as a life, success and leadership coach. In this episode, she shares her And/Or philosophy which will transform not only your approach to leadership, but also how you live your life.

Delynn addresses common barriers to growth, such as fear and imposter syndrome, and how to overcome them through the power of imagination and self-image. She then outlines her Be-Do-Have model that provides a framework for achieving your goals and becoming a true leader.

This episode will teach you how to recognize the signs that you’re not living your authentic life, and how to step into your ideal self. Delynn’s advice will help you get in touch with who you are, embrace your intuition and conquer your fears.

Tune in now for an insightful episode on leadership, mindset and purpose!


  • Overcoming societal programming
  • Embracing the ‘And’ attitude over the ‘Or’
  • Following intuition and shifting your mindset
  • Delynn’s Be-Do-Have model
  • The essence of true leadership
  • Leveraging imagination to achieve your goals

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