Influencing Others by Connecting to Outcomes with TISSA RICHARDS

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As a leader, do you focus on ensuring meaningful outcomes as you work to influence others to support your goals and objectives?

Communication is a key leadership skill, but it means nothing if your message doesn’t align with organizational goals and desired outcomes.

In this episode, leadership expert and executive coach Tissa Richards helps us dive into the power of strategic communication and an outcome-focused approach in leadership. This means establishing clear goals, effectively communicating them to each level of an organization, and creating a culture that empowers teams to reach desired outcomes.

Our discussion centers on this concept of connected outcomes, and how integrating them into your leadership style drives collective success as well as individual career growth. Tissa also provides actionable advice to become a great communicator, and shares a constructive team-building exercise to improve communication and build trust with your team.

Tune in to find out how to be a purpose-driven leader that influences others!


  • The role of context in leadership and outcome-setting
  • Communication barriers within teams
  • Creating alignment and trust in an organization
  • Building confidence and self-advocacy
  • Individual and team benefits of connecting to outcomes
  • Communication as an essential professional skill

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