IGNITE SERVICES – 90 Day Intensive


Every day I meet or engage with incredible women and men, who have big dreams, big ideas and big passion for business and life. However at times, the everyday little things or the big distractions prevent them from focusing, acting on and achieving those big dreams. That’s where I come in.

As your ball of fire leadership partner, my job is to guide you to igniting those dreams, ideas and passions, stomping out any barrier or roadblock that gets in the way, and supporting you in achieving your goals – guaranteed!!!! 

But it is up to you to ignite and invest in YOU!!!! 

Your 90 Day IGNITE Intensive:  we will work closely together on a weekly basis to put your goals, aspirations and ambitions into motion with intense focus, clarity and execution. Your goals are my goals…and together you will feel the fire of leadership, personal growth and achievement burning within you. This 90 day program will give you the tools, tips and understanding of how you can ignite any dream, idea or passion easily… so you can then ignite your own plans going forward.  

The Intensive includes:

  • Creating and defining your 90 Day RICHplan™ of goals, objectives, measurements, timelines and next steps
  • 12 / 1-hour weekly video coaching calls/video calls to define, track, and provide accountability to your RICHplan™
  • Unlimited email correspondence for any problem solving, idea creation or support needed
  • Strategies, tactics and actions you can take in your business and your life
  • Motivation, support and the accountability you need to IGNITE YOUR LEADER WITHIN!

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You can call me directly at 404.997.8074….

I so look forward to partnering with you in igniting your leader within!