How Women Rise + Succeed @ Work & Life with SOHEE JUN

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Do you know what is keeping you stuck? Are you taking the risks you should to find success. Sohee Jun, Phd, shares powerful + simple strategies for becoming a powerhouse at work and home by getting unstuck.

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Check out her book – Mommytracked: How to Take Authentic Risks + Find Success on Your Terms Free. HERE


Dr. Sohee Jun is a Amazon bestselling author of “Mommytracked: How to Take Authentic Risks & Find Success on Your Terms” and an expert on the challenges that face working women in today’s complex world, as well as a sought-after executive coach, keynote speaker, and leadership development facilitator.

DOWNLOAD a free chapter from her book; How to Define Your Values. You can also download a worksheet for defining those values. DOWNLOAD HERE

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