Navigating Disengagement and the Power of Small Actions with KIMBERLY BENOIT

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Do you struggle to engage your team effectively? Are they disconnected from the goals and expectations you have laid out for them individually and as a collective?

Many people want to be engaged leaders, but they don’t know where to start. According to Kimberly Benoit of Kimberly Benoit Leadership, the key to true engagement lies in small, consistent actions.

In this episode, Kimberly shares simple actions leaders can take to overcome disengagement in their teams and their own leadership practices. She addresses common workplace challenges that can lead to disengagement and toxic environments, and outlines ways leaders can eliminate distractions, stay present, and foster genuine connections with their team members.

We also discuss the emotional labor of leadership, strategies for building engagement in large organizations, and the crucial role of feedback in establishing trust and driving growth. 

Tune in to discover how self-awareness and small actions can transform your team from disengaged to engaged!


  • Signs of an engaged leader
  • Practical engagement tips for leaders
  • Assessing your engagement in the workplace
  • Why leaders should prioritize note-taking
  • Creating a culture of trust and open communication
  • The importance of giving and receiving feedback
  • How to build engagement in a large organization
  • The emotional labor of leadership

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