Mastering the Art of Hiring Beyond the Resume

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Effective hiring takes more than choosing a role, looking at resumes, choosing a candidate and then hoping for the best. Hiring requires strategic planning and thoughtful preparation, otherwise businesses risk costly turnover and missed opportunities for growth.

This episode is a comprehensive guide on the art of hiring, outlining the steps leaders can take to reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person. I break down how to assess your current team, identify gaps, then define new roles that fill those gaps and strengthen your team. From evaluating candidates for key skills to ensuring alignment with company culture, I provide actionable strategies and tools leaders need to make successful hiring decisions.

Tune in to learn how to master the hiring process!


  • 00:00 Strategically plan for new resources within company.
  • 03:42 Assess goals, team, and culture for efficiency.
  • 10:22 Tailored interview approach, behavioral aspects, stakeholder impact.
  • 15:30 Effective hiring process for positive company culture.
  • 18:55 Ask HR for interview feedback, minimize distractions.
  • 22:09 Assessing candidates’ emotional intelligence and leadership potential.
  • 27:03 Team members should be coachable, goal-oriented, results-focused, and prepared.
  • 29:35 Candidate preparedness, curiosity during interview process.
  • 32:31 Reduce hiring risk with thorough preparation and communication.

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