How To Be An Accountability Powerhouse

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Have you ever had a boss that could never admit they were wrong, and often deflected blame to someone else? Or they just never would confront someone about their behavior or performance, leaving you and others frustrated.

When accountability is embedded into a workplace culture, employees are far more committed, productive, and happy in their job, even when working their butts off during challenging times.

Accountability is a crucial skill for driving results and meeting organizational goals, and the consequences of not having it can be absolutely detrimental to the morale, output, and overall success of the team, the business, and you.

That’s why I’m once again diving into the topic of accountability and sharing how you as a leader can inspire accountability on your team.

In my work as an executive coach, assessing clients regularly on their performance, many leaders and their employees don’t rate themselves high on accountability. What this tells me is that accountability isn’t being modeled by leaders, and teams are lacking trust and transparency with those around them. And without a foundation of trust, it’s hard to communicate, resolve conflict, and grow the business — in other words, it’s the downfall of a team.

In this episode, I cover what taking personal accountability looks like both as a leader and employee, and the right way to take accountability for your mistakes. I also review the traits and skills leaders need to focus on if they want to establish accountability on their team.

Tune in to learn how you can become an accountability powerhouse!


  • Defining accountability and why it’s important
  • How to take accountability for your mistakes
  • The consequences of not taking accountability
  • The positive impact of accountability on a team
  • How to build a foundation of trust and accountability
  • What you need as a leader to inspire accountability

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