How To Be A Powerhouse Negotiator with KATIE EVANS

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What keeps you from being a confident, empowered, and successful negotiator?

Whether you’re asking for a raise or convincing your child to eat their dinner before dessert, negotiation is the key skill that will set you apart at work and in life.

But for many people, especially women, being vocal about their needs and wants is unfamiliar and intimidating.

No one knows this better than Katie Evans of Katie Evans Speaks, who has spent decades helping women free themselves from the weight of toxic workplaces by becoming powerful negotiators. She’s speaking with me today about why some people have a hard time being assertive, how to change this type of mindset and overcome fear of failure, sexism in the workplace, and MORE.

You’ll walk away from this episode with tips and techniques to prepare yourself for negotiations, and the tools to build your case and reach your desired outcome. Plus, you’ll also find out the most powerful word you can use in negotiation.

Tune in now to master negotiation and feel empowered at home and in the workplace!


  • Why negotiation is an important life skill
  • How to change your mindset around negotiation
  • The most powerful word when it comes to negotiating
  • Katie’s tips and tools for negotiation
  • Sexism in the workplace
  • How to deal with disagreements and when to compromise
  • What to NOT do in a negotiation

Listen to this recording from Katie Evans to reduce stress and prepare for your next negotiation!

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