How to be a leader who develops others to lead too with STACEY HALL

Stacey Hall, feels strongly that, instead of what most people believe, and that is, a leader is someone who is able to be effective in training people to be good FOLLOWERS, she advocates that a true leader is someone who develops those around them to be strong leaders as well.

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Are you the type of leader who develops your people to be leaders too?

Instead of what most people believe, and that is that a leader is someone who is able to be effective in training people to be good FOLLOWERS, true leaders focus on developing people to be LEADERS.

Our guest, author, speaker, and founder of Success with Stacey Hall, talks all about it:

– A 4-PRONGED STRATEGY of Empathy, Education, Empowerment, and Encouragement to support those they manage to achieve not only the organization’s mission, but also each individual’s goals.

– A great leader cares first about the people they manage, then about the organization’s mission.

–  In addition, great leaders don’t just teach the skills required to do the job, they “also proffer deeper wisdom,” according to the Harvard Business Review.

You can learn more about Stacey at

Check out her e-book: Leaders Create Leaders – Not Followers HERE


Stacey Hall, Founder of Success with Stacey Hall, is the author of 4 global best-selling books and is well-known for her ground-breaking social media marketing training program, Go for Yes, which has helped thousands of people attract more sales, customer and employee satisfaction, and success. Stacey is an acclaimed international speaker who gained recognition for her TEDx Talk, titled ‘How To Stop Should-ing on Yourself.’ Learn more here –

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