How to Be A Powerhouse Delegator

Bernadette Boas, Ball of Fire Coaching, Business coaching

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Would you like to transform into a powerhouse delegator?

Whether you’re a leader in a large or midsize organization, delegation is a crucial skill that increases productivity and empowers employees. However, many leaders struggle with delegating and the impact is damaging to their team, the business and themselves.

That’s why this episode is all about delegation, specifically how YOU as a leader can become a powerhouse delegator.

It’s important to first understand the value of delegation and why it’s a common issue for leaders. There are many challenges leaders face when it comes to delegation, such as the need to control, lacking trust, and feeling guilt about delegating.

Sharing what I’ve learned in my work as an executive coach, I dive deeper into all six reasons in this episode.

I also cover the effect on teams when their leaders either don’t delegate or delegate menial tasks to employees capable of handling more, as well as what employees and leaders can do to overcome these challenges.

Tune in to get my tips for becoming an effective, powerhouse delegator!


  • Why delegation is a challenge for many leaders
  • The impact on employees when leaders don’t delegate
  • Tips to overcome challenges and become a powerhouse delegator
  • How leaders can support their team during the delegation process
  • Assessing the progress of leaders and employees

If you want specific tips and strategies on how to be a powerhouse delegator and to turn your team into one as well, BOOK A CALL with me and let’s talk!

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