Achieving Your Goal Takes More Than Being SMART!

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Believe it or not, setting goals can backfire. Blind ambition or external pressures can lead to goal setting that lacks direction or isn’t achievable with our current means. It’s about more than setting clear, measurable objectives; knowing your WHY will equip you with the intention and focus needed to reach your goals.

In this episode, I break down how to set goals that are meaningful to YOU and in alignment with your vision for your life and career. I explore the value of goals for individuals, leaders and especially teams, highlighting the motivational power of goals in driving personal growth and professional success.

I also reflect on the pitfalls of goal setting and how to navigate the dangers of over achievement, loss of motivation, and more.

Listen to this episode for strategies on setting goals that will guide you forward and not set you back!


  • The value of goal setting
  • Understanding your WHY in goal setting
  • Common pitfalls of goal setting and how to avoid them
  • The impact of goal setting on a team

Check out episode #368 to learn more strategies for performing and receiving performance reviews!

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