Spending too much time looking for the perfect candidate for your company, just to end up hiring the wrong person again?

Effective recruitment is key to your success, but recruitment is more than just posting on job boards and asking general interview questions. No one knows this better than Andrea Hoffer, CEO and Owner of AHA! Recruiting.

It’s important to discover what skills and traits the specific role within your company requires, as well as the company’s needs and values. Other key factors like employer branding and learning from past hiring mistakes will also give you a better chance for success in the hiring process.

Andrea and Bernadette discuss how to locate the right candidate, the biggest issues faced by hiring managers, and how to make your company more appealing to candidates.

Say goodbye to bad hires and learn how to find the right applicant for your organization!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Andrea founded AHA! Recruiting after hiring for her first business
  • Finding out what you truly need from a candidate through the discovery process
  • Building a candidate persona to create effective recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Challenges hiring managers and employers are facing during the hiring process
  • The shift in candidates valuing remote/flexible work and how businesses are responding
  • Creating your ideal company culture in a virtual or in-person work environment
  • Be proactive marketing your company culture and learn from Glassdoor reviews
  • Echo the candidate persona and company culture in the job posting and interview
  • Creating productive interview questions that ask for specific examples
  • The importance of comparing candidates to a candidate profile and not other candidates
  • When to stop searching for “someone better” and fill the position
  • Build an online presence and utilize employee testimonials to attract candidates
  • Candidates should keep a journal of their work and life experiences to make a portfolio of their career for future job interviews
  • Andrea’s book, Hire Higher, is a practical step-by-step guide through the discovery process, recruitment marketing campaigns, interviewing, and onboarding

Download for FREE the first chapter of Andrea’s book, Hire Higher, here: https://bit.ly/ahofferfreechapter. In this free chapter, you’ll find six questions to ask yourself to uncover the perfect fit for your company and how to attract them!

Learn more about Andrea at www.aharecruitingexperts.com.

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